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Falling Silent

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My blog has recently fallen silent.  My family had grown by one and I have not been able to attend Toastmaster. While my love for Toastmasters has not changed, the love for my family has grown more.   With any luck, I will be able attend a meeting soon.  For now I will be speech writing and getting ready.

Next week at London Western Toastmasters, the new executive team will be sworn into office.  In with the new guard and great new ideas.  I cannot wait to see what they will bring to the table.

Results from Forest City Toastmasters and London Toastmasters Debate

  • Be it resolved that women are better drivers than men.
    Forest City won debate

  • Be it resolved that chocolate is the best flavour of ice cream.
    London Western won debate

  • Be it resolved that cats are more intelligent than dogs.
    Forest City won debate


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