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Welcome to my first blog.   I am planning to archive my progression as a Toastmaster.  I joined Toastmasters to build on my communication and leadership skills.  I know everyone says that, but as a Software Developer, I do not get a lot of opportunities to speak to groups.  Since joining, my confidence has improved, but I have a long way to go.

I am currently attending London Western Toastmasters

[weblink].  Currently I am working from the Competent Communicator book.  I have completed Speeches 1 and 2, and currently preparing for speech number 3.  With every speech, I am getting a little better.  

This week I am doing my first business motion. 

When starting out, I realized I did not know much.  With a little Google searching, I have found the following tools:

  • Online Stop Watch – great to practice with.
  • Great Speech Resource – 6 Minute Speech Guide.
  • Toastmaster Ice Breaker Guide.
  • YouTube Toastmaster Videos.
  • YouTube Toastmaster Ice Breaker Videos.

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