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Getting Comfortable Using Visual Aids

Physical Link: Getting Comfortable Using Visual Aids

This was speech number 8 for me.   Getting comfortable using visual aids was the main goal of the speech.  I think it went pretty well considering this was my first time, but as you know there has to be a first for everything. I was able to demonstrate my points and explain my points very easily.  The hard part for me was having a good friend of mine who is so much more accomplished; evaluate me.

Things I could have improved on include:

  • Lighter background – I had used black
  • My font color compensated for the dark background, but needed to be larger
  • Some of my PowerPoint slides were a little heavy with words
  • Could have used pictures to demonstrate some my points
Unrelated to the visual part of the presentation, I had multiple mini topics that could have been done as individual speeches.   I think I understand this point and may even rewrite these mini-topics into new speeches.
All and all, I accomplished the one speech that really scared me.  I was worried about coordinating my slides with my speech.  My nervousness was getting the better of me at the beginning, but by the time I got to the front, I was okay with everything.  I think I will tweak my presentation and give it at another time.


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