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Night of Speech 7

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Tonight is the night that I had done speech #7. Before I get into how it went, I would like to congratulate Chris Burns on achieving the elected role of Treasurer.

As I had said, tonight I had given my speech #7. I had entitled it What is a Blog?.   I goal was to replace the blank stares on people when I talk to them about my hobby.  Like most Toastmasters I have lots to say.  I fell a little short tonight due to a poor plan in timing.   I had omitted some statistics to save time.  What I should have done is omitted something else, which would have been hard.  I had felt everything was important, but my objective was to research and use facts to backup my opinions and thoughts.

I had a very well established Toastmaster from another club give me the evaluation.   At first, I thought it was a little harsh, but I realized that it was okay.   It was okay for him to be blunt and tell me my short falls.   It was actually nice to have a good honest evaluation.  Thanks Keith;   I really do appreciate your words of wisdom.   Toastmasters need to up lift each other, but sometimes we also need to be humbled.

From this experience, I have learned to stick to the goal no matter what.   Make sure you have your objects clearly in mind.  I also learned that it is good to be humbled as it builds you a little stronger for next time.

I cannot wait for speech number eight.


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