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Speech Number 4

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Last night I did it.   I took the chance and worked through speech #4.   My buddy Mike had been encouraging me to do so for a while.   I wrote out my speech a few times at home and during work, but I went with no notes.   I stepped up to the front of the room and waited for clapping to finish.  I opened my mouth and started sharing my story.  Since it was my story, it was easier than I had thought.   I think that is the catch, use my story to make things easier.

It wasn’t perfect, I could have been more descriptive and slowed down a bit, but all said; not bad.   I felt good, I had great response from people including some old timers.   I had the best night.

I cannot wait to give speech #5.   I believe now I can do it.   Stepping out of my comfort, leaving notes at home and just going with it really helped me achieve this level.  Thanks for all the encouragement and thanks to my wonderful evaluator Rick, who treated me like a star.


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