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Speech Number Six

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Tonight was a big night.   The new executive team got inducted into their positions including myself.   We are all ready to take on the new positions with great enthusiasm and joy.

Tonight was also speech number six for me.   I must have rewritten my speech a dozen times before I actually gave it.   The final rewrite was done in my care on the way to the meeting.   I based my speech on a blog I wrote in my programming site about “How To Be Awesome” (Link to Ref.).   The speech had the focus of what Awesome was to me rather than how to be awesome.   I started with a story from my childhood and brought today.   I shared how my view of being Awesome had changed over time.

During my evaluation, I was said to be off to one side, which showed lack of confidence.  It was partly true, but I was mostly off to the side because I planted myself there while waiting for the podium to be moved.  Either way, there is no excuse for where I was standing.  It was also said that I could have used more adjectives to paint the pictures.

My biggest compliment came from our club founder.  He said my ideas were marketable and that I have come a long way from my first speech.   Imagine, my ideas marketable.  Thanks, that lifted my spirits a lot.  I may have to change some of my career focus.


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