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I am back on a part-time basis as a toastmaster.

This week Steve had introduced a table topic challenge that involved picking two numbers which secretly corresponded with two words.  With those two words, we had to create a 1 minute story/speech that used those two words given by our choice of numbers.

I ended up with “Roller-coaster” and “miserable”.  I had less than two seconds to think on my feet, so I had spoken about my first roller-coaster at Marineland that was both fun and miserable and how I could not get enough.

The point of this blog is sometimes life throws us a curve when we need to think on our feet.  It could be to give a speech, a thought or a solution on extreme short notice.  Through exercises like this, we can better prepare ourselves for what may come unexpectedly.  You could randomly pick words ( make a small list to work with over a course of a week ) and make a one minute speech in the mirror.  It could be inspirational to help get your day started.

Hope this helps someone as much as it helped me.   Thanks Steve for giving a great challenge.


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