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What Toastmasters is to Me

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I am on my sixth speech from my first manual.   I have been with London Western Toastmasters (www.londonwestern.info) for two years.  When I had joined I was a Software Developer working in the back room with limited access to the general public.  In my employments prior to my current, I had to report in the boardroom on a weekly basis.   I was very awkward during our meetings.

Toastmasters gave me the chance to work through my nerves.  They allowed me to shake and stumble over my words.  They taught me work through my fears and step up.  I am now able to stand with confidence.  I am nowhere close to being perfect, but I am thousand times better.   I think every employer should offer this as a benefit.  I talk to customers and employees with more professionalism and I can walk with confidence.  No more staring at the ground. 

I believe in Toastmasters so much, that I had run for the executive this year.   I am VP of Membership.   I would have never done a speech or taken on such a role before.   Feels amazing knowing that I can do more now.  Toastmasters have really helped me with my communication and leadership skills.


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